What we do

We create integrated process systems for power-to-x technologies

We design, fabricate, and service innovative equipment solutions

Providing integrated process systems

Our purpose is to reduce the green premium of carbon neutral fuels. We do this by working with leading power-to-x technology manufacturers to create integrated ancillary process systems for modular applications within electrolysis, syntheses, carbon capture, and thermal energy storage.

Our customers provide the core technologies, and we make the surrounding process equipment which powers the application. The system integration of the core technologies and the ancillary process system are what constitute a complete integrated power-to-x solution.


What we do

Integrated process systems to power our customers power-to-x technologies such as electrolysis, synthesis, carbon capture, and thermal energy storage

Eltronic PtX is your one-stop-shop for modular process systems and for power-to-x technologies.

New technology and extensive know-how

Exploring new technologies and disruptive methods is a driving force for us. With more than 20 years of experience as an engineering and industrialization partner, we have all relevant competencies in-house such as mechanical engineering, process engineering, electrical engineering, automation, and software.

We are laser focused on designing standardized solutions that a can be produced at scale to drive down cost. We offer to serial produce the solutions we design with our customers to industrialize the setup and improve the cost-base and overall efficiency.

Partnerships are key

We partner with leading technology manufacturers within power-to-x and offer integrated and modular proces systems which power our customers core technologies . In partnerships, we do what we do best.

When we combine our strengths, we can create better solutions, ensure synergy in scaling capabilities, and drive down costs over time.

Together, we succeed.

Our purpose

Accelerating the green transition through innovative technology

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