Engineering is part of our DNA

Development & engineering

In close collaboration with our customers, we define the needs and requirements and carry out concept development, specification, calculation, and design.

We specialize in mechanical engineering, process engineering, electrical engineering, automation, and software.

These are all competencies that must be on point to design innovative integrated power-to-x solutions.

Our project model

To accompany our quality management system, we have developed an effective project model.  We use our project model for managing all phases in a project – from idea to the final solution.

By applying the model to all our projects, we ensure a high degree of specification in the quotation phase and well-structured documentation throughout the entire project, that we consider all aspects and leave no stones unturned, and a clear definition of all roles and responsibilities.

To ensure consistency in the way we execute projects and do business, we make sure that all new employees receive thorough training in our project model.

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