Facing the challenge

Decarbonizing is essential to deal with climate change

To ensure a stable climate on our planet, we need to halve global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Decarbonizing to reach the 1.5 degrees Celsius climate target

We need to ensure a maximum temperature increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius before 2100. To reach this crucial target, decarbonizing our society and economy is necessary. The energy sector has already come a long way. Renewable energy is available and costs have fallen significantly. Something that has happened in just a few years. This is good news, but we still face major challenges when it comes to the sectors of industry and transportation.

What is Power-to-X

Power-to-X (PtX) refers to a set of technologies that convert renewable energy  into various forms of usable products, i.e. hydrogen, through different processes such as electrolysis.

At Eltronic PtX, we specialize in the “To” aspect by designing integrated process systems for technologies such as electrolyzer stacks, plasma torches, and nuclear reactors.

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Green hydrogen for industry and transport

Green hydrogen is one of the answers to decarbonization within industry and transportation.

With cost-competitive green energy, we can produce renewable hydrogen. This can be used as is or other types of fuels can be derived and used for i.e. shipping, aviation, or heavy-duty land transport.

The next step is to scale the production of renewable hydrogen and lower the costs in order to make it more accessible and the obvious choice for the industry.

Intensifying the green transition

To accelerate the transition towards a greener economy, we need to stand together. It requires prioritization, partnerships, and regulations to achieve our climate goals. Support is crucial to intensifying the green transition and enabling decarbonization. We all have a part to play.

We need to develop and invest in power-to-x solutions to deal with climate change now. We don’t have the time to wait.

Ryan Nielsen, CEO, Eltronic PtX

How we want to contribute to the solution

We drive change in energy use to decarbonize all segments of the economy. The increasing demand for green power requires a new sort of energy system to make an impact. We need large-scale power-to-x facilities and we take part in leveraging the technology. We are committed to contributing to making green power accessible and bringing down costs.

Eltronic PtX

We want to make green energy more accessible to the industry

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