Eltronic PtX expands Power-to-X activities globally

In response to industry demand, Eltronic PtX, a manufacturer of equipment for the Power-to-X industry, expands activities in Denmark and the United States. The company aims to make Denmark a global market leader in Power-to-X.

A growing global demand for Power-to-X capacity has heightened the need for Eltronic PtX’s expertise and solutions. Now, the company is planning to commence deliveries of gas handling systems in the US from 2025. Moreover, a new 3000 square meter facility is currently being planned at its headquarters in Denmark.

Built on a decade of experience developing and serially producing gas handling systems for the maritime industry, Eltronic Group established Eltronic PtX in early 2023. Since then, it has expanded its client base globally, particularly in the US. The company expects to recruit 100 engineers and specialized technicians to support its activities through 2025.

– Our clients trust us due to our expertise in hydrogen. In recent months, we have entered an agreement for the development of modular gas handling systems for Power-to-X-technology suppliers in hydrogen electrolysis, ammonia synthesis, and nuclear energy. We are also corresponding with stakeholders in other tech fields regarding the production of green hydrogen, green methanol, and biofuel, says Carl Jensen, Commercial Director at Eltronic PtX.

Eltronic PtX specializes in supporting electrolysis suppliers with development and serial production of hydrogen- and gas handling systems. The company’s solutions include the handling of power, water, and cooling to the electrolyzer as well as handling of the produced hydrogen and oxygen. Furthermore, Eltronic PtX system integrates and tests complete hydrogen systems for clients in a controlled factory environment before being sent to sites globally.

Making Denmark a global leader through partnerships

Eltronic PtX has worked closely with Stiesdal Hydrogen on a partial delivery of a hydrogen handling system for an electrolyzer system, which has been operational on the island of Als since November 2023. The facility uses locally collected biogenic CO2 together with green hydrogen to optimize the production of sustainable biogas, contributing to the decarbonization of Denmark’s gas consumption.

– Through partnerships with our clients, we are preparing to take greater responsibility in making Denmark a global leader in Power-to-X. Our ambition is to become a leading technology partner of modular and serially produced gas handling systems for the Power-to-X industry globally, says Ryan Nielsen, CEO of Eltronic PtX.